Board of Directors

Dr. Herbert Graw, Honorary Chairman  Former Associate Vice President of California State University at Hayward

Ms. Willa S. Wu, Vice Chairperson  Chair of United States-China Expert Service

Dr. Andy B. Ge, President /CEO –  United States -China Exchange Council.

Mr. Stephen Lau, Vice President – Community Leader of San Francisco China Town

Ms. Sheila Watt, Vice President/Speaker of Public Relation

Dr. Ricardo L. Singson, Director of Academic Research – Emeritus Professor, and Former Director of Center For Entrepreneurship at CSUH

Dr. Bill Liu, Director of Education Exchange – Dean of Academic Affairs, DeVry University-San Francisco Bay Metro

Mr. Derun Fang, Secretary General  Director of Transpac Marketing Corp.  

Mr. Yunfei Liu – Director of China Liaison

Mr. James Serna III, Senior Advisor to the Board for Education Affairs  Consultant of Educational Services Exchange with China Inc.

Mr. Gordon Watt, Senior Advisor to the Board for Information Techonogy – Vice President of Chabot College Governing Council

Ms. Julie Li – Administrator/Director of Education Department